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Shoulda Subscribed

This landowner missed the notice because he lived out of town. It would be great to think someone in the circulation department at this newspaper would have contacted this guy about subscribing, but somehow one suspects it won’t happen. Click here: Man assails county on fairness of zoning map | | The Daily Times

TMI Strikes City Website

TMI (Too Much Information) shows that the web can both overreport and underreport, but in any event the ease of the single keystroke puts the whole information stream in peril.  Here, a lot of personal information accidentally wound up on the web.

Now you see it. Now you don’t

Take a look at this notice on Al Cross’s Ruralblog   Friday, October 03, 2008 Law requiring Conn. towns to post agendas and minutes prompts some to shut down Web sites  

But What If the Notice is on a Party-Line and the Line is Busy?

It can be expected that the Secretary of the Treasury will argue for posting foreclosure notices to the Treasury website. But a taste of the treats to come is already found at where many have gone to find the bailout bill. The landing page posts this notice: “Due to an unusually high amount of […]

Wisconsin conference

For those concerned about transparency in the foreclosure process, this conference offered by Federal Reserve and others may be of interest.